Since I’m not busy enough this summer, I decided to volunteer with my church’s kids ministry and basically help teach Sunday school on Sunday mornings. I knew that I loved working with the middle and high school students at youth group but because of my work schedule, I unfortunately wasn’t able to volunteer with them this summer. Instead, I signed up for the young kids.

I’ve only done it a couple Sundays so far but I’ve still come to appreciate the treasures that kids are to the world. They see the world see simply. It’s all black and white in their eyes. God is good and loves you. Satan is bad and doesn’t like you.

I was nervous going into my first week leading on my own, especially leading a big group of rambunctious second and third graders, but the woman in charge of kids ministry told me that it isn’t all that hard; all you have to do is love on them.

Kids are chaotic and messy but they can still teach us a thing or two about separating the world from all the shades of gray we’re surrounded by and simply lying in the grass to enjoy the simplicity of the sun and life.

Now that I’ve rambled and probably not made a single bit of sense, here‘s a video of hockey players trying to do ballet for the first time.


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