Don’t Stop Having Fun

Today I uncovered a bit of history in my room (which isn’t too difficult, if you took a look at my room). During my high school graduation project, we had my guests write their favorite memories with me and then write down a piece of advice for me. I found the baggy with all of those notes in it and decided to read through the advice notes. It was just what I needed heading into my senior year of college. 

My brother-in-law told me to step outside of my comfort zone. “Have your faith, identity, and character challenged these next four years. Allow God to guide your path.” 

My sister gave me the ultimate checklist for a Penn Stater. “Get involved in THON! Go to every football game. Study at Irving’s and Saint’s. Stay up late with friends. Don’t fail your classes. Have a BLAST.” 

Dad kept it pretty simple. “Go with God!” He will never fail you!”

My brother kept it even simpler. “Don’t stop having fun.” 

It was my brother’s that struck me the most. Heading into senior year, I’m facing a lot of decisions concerning whether or not to leave two clubs that I’ve dedicated the past two years to. Most people are telling me to just suck it up because it’s only one year. 

But there’s no room for complacency at a school like Penn State. It’s easy to do, but you don’t get the Penn State experience by sitting in your dorm and sticking to a routine because it’s the same routine you’ve kept for the last two years. 

My goal for my last year of school (maybe forever) is to have fun, and to soak up being a college student as much as possible. I don’t want to waste time not having fun. Life’s too short, and the world is too sad for you to fall into the trap of doing something just because. 


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