Spirit, Lead Me

What do we think of when we hear those words? Think about it. What do those words mean to us? Spirit, lead me. Guide me. Protect me. Prepare the way for me.

As Christians immersed in a non-Christian world, we are more than likely being led by something else. Family, work, friends, money, the quest for fame. We probably don’t even realize it, because when we say “Spirit, lead me,” we only mean in our spiritual lives, or when we feel our spiritual foundations are being pressured.

When it comes time to elect someone new as your leader, what are some of the things you consider about them? You look at their résumé and see what they’ve accomplished in the past – normally because it is a pretty good indicator of what they will do in the future. You look at their character, because that is the root of their decision-making. You may even take a look at the company they keep. Are they friends with robbers and beggars or are they friends with the Kardashians? Or are they only friends with other Christians?

If we posed these questions at God, we’d have a hard time turning Him down as our leader. Look at the past. God led his people out of Egyptian slavery, He protected the judges as they worked to take down heretic nations, He gave His son to death for the protection of sinners. His friends? During his time on earth, Jesus sought out the people that were normally looked down upon, but he never befriended them without their permission first. He never thrust himself upon their lives.

When we need a leader, we look to the tallest or loudest person in the room. The most confident.

Why not look to the one who conquered death? No, not Lazarus. Jesus. No promise will ever be more true than the promise for eternal life. No love will ever be more pure than the love that God has for his sinful children.

In everything we do, the Spirit ought to lead us so that we can see the world through God’s eyes and see the path paved before us by a God who loves us.


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